Karlie Kloss Is the New Brand Ambassador for Swarovski

by Kristen Heinzinger


Mod extraordinaire Karlie Kloss has been tapped by Swarovski as its newest brand ambassador, and to no surprise, the whole team is “already in love with her,” said creative director Natalie Colin. She was picked for being “someone young women look up to—her use of social media makes her accessible to a broad audience” and Swarovski considers accessibility a major part of its DNA. “Karlie has an innate understanding of the digital world; we can’t wait to leverage her creativity to share inspiring stories about our jewelry and capture those emotional moments in life,” Colin added. “Besides her amazing beauty, she stands for modernity, freshness, self-confidence, elegance and spontaneity. Everything that we convey through our collections.”

To kick off the partnership, Kloss and Swarovski created a video where she takes a few shots at pronouncing the brand’s name, which is one of the most FAQ about Swarovski on Google, as part of the #HowYouSayIt campaign. Check it out, below.

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