Karl Waxes Poetic about FMA Winner Stephen Gan!

by The Daily Front Row

Watch the Fashion Media Awards in full, with winners Stephen Gan, Joe Zee, Jane Bruton, Heidi Klum, Ingrid Sischy, Karlie Kloss, Carol Smith Emily Weiss; presenters Lady Gaga, Jessica Biel, Marc Jacobs, Tim Gunn, Bruce Weber, Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, Stefani Greenfield, Maybelline New York’s David Greenberg, and many more! 

Fashion Media Awards winner Stephen Gan’s inner circle effused to The Daily about their respect and devotion for the visionary V founder. First up, the one and only Karl Lagerfeld answered his cellie whilst sunning in St. Tropez to tell us about his dear pal and longtime collaborator, Gan. 

Hi, Karl! Do you have a few minutes to speak about Stephen?
Yes. If you want, yes.

How do you know Stephen, exactly?
You never know exactly how you know people. It’s something you cannot really put into words or degrees. I consider Stephen one of my best and closest friends. He is one of the people I prefer.

How would you describe him? 
Not even talking about the business aspect, I think he is kind of a genius. He is a very sweet and generous person, and that’s not the case with a lot of other people.

What’s it like to work with him?
It’s easy to work with him. He’s stimulating, he’s never heavy or boring. He has a lightness that doesn’t fade. To be serious, you don’t have to behave like a serious bore. Stephen does serious work without looking too serious.

Is working with V, and Stephen, different from working with other fashion editors?
One should never compare! I’m not that close to other editors, so that’s difficult to say.

What is Stephen’s greatest talent?
He has an impeccable eye—which stems from being an ingénue—without ever having boring, pretentious attitudes, which happens a lot in this business.

You’ve been involved with V since issue 1. How has it evolved since then?
The freshness of V is there like it was on its very first day! I think the magazine deserves this prize because its evolution is pretty good. V is not something that repeats itself all the time, like other magazines. It doesn’t seem like an American magazine at all. There’s a kind of modernity to its fashion sense, and also its sense of humor. It is different, and the most important thing in life is to be different.

Is Stephen funny?
Yes, yes, yes! He’s good for one-liners. One of the reasons we’re friends, I think, is because I’m like that, too. He is also very good with word games. I love that he’s quick. I hate people that are slow.

Do you and Stephen hang out beyond work?
We don’t see work like work! Work is when people are bored doing something to make a living. That’s not our case, you see? We go to restaurants, we see friends, we talk, we do nothing. I’m not a person who entertains or needs to be entertained.

What’s something people might not know about him?
How sweet he is, how nice, how generous, and how he’s a person who never talks about himself, and always listens to others.

Is there anything else you want to tell us?
I think it covers quite a lot, no? OK! Bye-bye!

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