Kim Says Kris Stole Her Shine With Karl Lagerfeld, Amazon’s Super-High Injury Rates

by Aria Darcella

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Karl Lagerfeld Loved Kris Jenner More Than Kim Kardashian (New York Mag)
In a new interview with New York, Kardashian recounts the photoshoot of her first major magazine cover for CR Fashion Book. The photographer on the shoot was Lagerfeld, and Kardashian, already excited about the day, was especially thrilled about potentially getting a Chanel bag as a gift from the designer, having heard a rumor that he often gave bags to his subjects following their first shoot together.

But when Jenner arrived halfway through the shoot, decked out in vintage Chanel from head to toe, Lagerfeld was immediately drawn to her over her daughter. “The two of them have this love affair like I’ve never seen before,” says Kardashian. “I remember texting my sisters and being like, ‘Guys, mom is stealing my shiiiine.'”

At the end of the shoot, Lagerfeld approached the women holding a rare Chanel LEGO clutch. “I’m thinking: I will cherish this forever, and I’m pregnant, so one day I’ll give this bag to my daughter,” said Kardashian. “Then he comes up and he’s like, ‘Kim, this was the best shoot. Thank you so much. But Kris, here is a bag for you,’ and he gives the fucking bag to my mom.”

The day wasn’t a total loss, thought. When she got back to her hotel, Kardashian found that Olivier Rousteing had decked out her room in Balmain. Additionally, she’s made her mother promise to leave the Chanel clutch to her daughter, North, in her will.

Karl Lagerfeld

Kim Kardashian by Karl Lagerfeld (CR Fashion Book)

Amazon Warehouse Injury Rates Three Times Industry Standard (Gizmodo)
According to leaked company documents, Amazon’s Staten Island fulfillment center experiences injury rates three times the industry average. The data comes from Occupational Safety and Health Administration forms filled out by managers. Gizmodo found that the majority of injuries reported include sprains and bruises, although former employees told the outlet that one woman suffered a miscarriage after a manager refused to put her in a less physically demanding section.

Amazon responded to the story, saying the report is inaccurate and that the number of injury recordings is misleading given the size of its workforce. Additionally, it claims that there is a “dramatic level of under-recording of safety incidents across the industry,” and that it has taken an “aggressive stance on recording injuries no matter how big or small” since 2016.



Nirvana and Marc Jacobs Still Arguing About That Logo (WWD)
The trademark lawsuit between Nirvana and Marc Jacobs is ongoing. Jacobs first used a riff of the band’s smiley face logo for his reissued grunge collection last year. However, Nirvana claimed that it was too close in appearance to its own merchandise. In March, Jacobs asked the suit to be dismissed, stating that the design was different enough, and that it had support from Courtney Love and Francis Bean Cobain.

Now, the brand is arguing that Nirvana’s former members, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic, do not know for certain who created the logo design (Grohl and Novoselic believe Kurt Cobain created it in 1991). Nirvana’s lawyers argue that it really doesn’t matter. “The non sequiturs about who designed this logo and when are nothing more than an obvious distraction,” a representative said in a statement. “The designer of the smiley face is irrelevant. Nirvana LLC owns the copyright and will continue to enforce it.”

Plastic Surgery Filters Remain Popular Despite Instagram Ban (Dazed)
Last month, Spark AR, the company that provides face filters to Instagram, removed all filters associated with plastic surgery. But filter designers have found ways around the ban. Andrew Foxall, creative director at Foxall Studio, created a rhinoplasty filter meant to show the violence of actual surgery. Foxall has found a way to spread the filter using a “secret link.” It’s popularity shows that there is still a hunger among some users for face-altering tech.

“While Instagram’s new wellbeing policies seem well-intentioned, it doesn’t factor in the fact that they opened the door, showed their users what AR can do, and there may be no way of closing it now,” writes Laura Pitcher.

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