Kanye West Is Being Sued Over Yeezy’s Camo Print

by Charles Manning

On March 15, Jordan Outdoor Enterprises LTD filed a copyright infringement suit against Yeezy Apparel LLC and Unknwn LLC, LeBron James’s Florida-based boutique. At issue, is Yeezy’s use of Jordan’s trademarked Realtree camo patterns.

According to the lawsuit, a representative from Yeezy did reach out to Jordan in March of 2016 to ask about using the company’s camo patterns. Jordan informed the representative that they would need to submit a licensing application before any such use could be authorized. According to Jordan, that’s the last the company ever heard from Yeezy, which went on to copy the patterns without authorization.

James and Unknwn were named in the suit for selling the infringing items in Unknwn’s boutiques and through its website.

Jordan is asking to be paid three times the damages suffered as a result of the infringement plus all legal fees. They are also asking that Yeezy and Unknwn be stopped from selling any infringing product and that all remaining infringing product be turned over to be destroyed.

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