Just How Many People Voted For Kanye West?

by Eddie Roche

It’s unclear as of this writing who will win he Presidential race, but it is clear that Kanye West isn’t moving into the White House in January.

West, who ran as an independent, conceded (we think!) on Twitter last night with an announcement writing,  “Welp Kanye 2024.” The Tweet appears to have been deleted. But it did leave us wondering…how many people voted for the rapper and designer?

According to Deadline, at least 60,000 Americans cast a ballot for him with under 80% states reporting. Of the 12 states where his name was on the ballot, Kanye’s biggest votes came in Tennessee, where he garnered 10,188 votes.

Here’s how he did in other states, according to the Associated Press.

Arkansas: 4,040
Colorado: 6,127
Idaho: 3,092
Iowa: 3,197
Kentucky: 6,259
Louisiana: 4,894
Minnesota: 7,654
Mississippi: 3,117
Oklahoma: 5,590
Tennessee: 10,195
Utah: 4,311
Vermont: 1,255

West cast his own vote in Wyoming yesterday, where he has a ranch and has been spending a lot of time this year. He shared his write in vote for himself on Twitter yesterday.

And today he’s assuring his 30+ million Twitter followers that the game is on in 2024.

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