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Julia Restoin Roitfeld On Raising An Extremely Stylish Toddler

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Chic mommy alert! Julia Restoin Roitfeld filled us in at System mag’s bash for their second issue last week on all matters of parenting. Turns out the stylish (and adorable!) apple doesn’t fall far from the tree: Restoin Roitfeld’s daughter, Romy, is bewitched by furs, has a fully-stocked closet, and counts “shoes” as one of her first words. (And she’s not even two yet.) Making Carine proud, non?

How’s motherhood treating you? 
It’s great! Busy, but really good. My daughter is starting to understand everything, in both English and French. I’m so impressed. She repeats everything…that’s her newest thing.

Her dad [Robert Konjic] and I call her our little parrot. I have to be careful not to swear! And, if she sees me using an eyelash curler, she’ll want to use it. She’s only a year and a half old…that could be dangerous! I wanted a girl; I have a real [girly] girl. 

Has Romy gotten into your closet much?
Oh, yes. She’s obsessed with fur. Real fur, fake fur, whatever…she wants it. She likes my feathered pieces, too. 

How about heels?
Well, her first two words were “shoes” and “books”. 

Do you enjoy stocking her closet with pint-sized frocks?
Weirdly enough, it’s her dad that buys more clothes for her than I do. He goes crazy over it! Whenever he’s in town, his arms are full of shopping bags for her. 

Got any great sanity-maintaining systems for being a mom?
My nanny system. I’ve got great nannies and babysitters. It took me a year and a half to master the logistics: you need a few trustworthy people to rely on. I finally have great nannies; I love them! I wouldn’t be able to do anything without them. 

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