Journelle’s Bra Expert On The Brand’s Private Label Launch

by Kassidy Silva

We grabbed a moment with the ultimate lingerie connoisseur, Journelle’s Claire Chambers, to get all the dish on the hautest trends in lingerie and the secrets to finding the perfect bra. Make sure to snag up the latest  from Journelle, the company’s private label goes live in stores and online today!

Why did you decide to launch your own brand?
This has been a goal since day one of founding Journelle. By opening brick and mortar stores first, we were able to form rich relationships and hear firsthand what our customer likes, wants and needs. In short, she wants more beautiful, affordable pieces that make her feel great everyday.

Tell us what inspired you!
This is our first collection, so it’s our take on “everyday lovely,” one of our core brand tenants. The shapes are simple but classic…these are silhouettes that were underrepresented in our assortment that customers were asking for. The color palette is lovely and understated – lots of neutral beiges and pinks, some lovely pops of color and of course black.

Which pieces should we look out for?
All of them represent pieces I would personally love to own, so it’s hard to choose just one or two. I can say, though, that I’m always partial to a beautiful, unlined lace demi like our new Eva bra.

Can you dish on what makes a great piece of lingerie?
It’s so nuanced. There are certain base requirements that you have to get right to make good lingerie from a technical standpoint – really great fit blocks, high-tech fabrics, high-quality components. That’s the first hurdle. But to achieve that special je ne sais quoi, you have to go beyond that – special, exclusive laces, interesting details, an eye for color. Those are the pieces that make a woman stand up taller, feel beautiful from the inside out, reach for a certain set day after day. That’s our holy grail.

How about the secrets to a great fit?
Your local independent lingerie boutique is your best bet for an expert fitting – but don’t rely too heavily on your measured size.  Learn to recognize the signs of a bra that fits well.  Make sure that there’s no gaping or bulging in the cup, your band sits parallel to the floor, and the underwire comfortably encircles the breast. 

What’s your favorite era of lingerie?
Not sure I have a favorite, but right now I’m really appreciating the ‘70s. This was an era when bras got less constructed and more sheer. It’s really relevant to what’s going on right now in lingerie as well.

What are the latest trends?
I’m always honored to be on the cutting edge of lingerie fashion and get to see what the best and brightest designers are doing in our industry. Right now we’re seeing a lot of bodysuits, and bras with lots of interesting back details. Both are items that are great for layering and are meant to be seen, which we love.

Any secrets to pulling off a sheer top?
There’s so many fun ways to pull of a sheer top. One thing I love to do is pair it with a gorgeous, great-fitting lace demi in the same palette – this allows the lace texture to show through, but isn’t quite as bold as a color contrast. Alternatively, I love to take a statement bra in a bright, unexpected color and put it under something simple like a white button down. If you turn up one dial, turn down another one.

What panties should a woman never be caught in?
I’m a bit extreme when it comes to this point. I tell women to throw away anything they wouldn’t want someone else to see them in, whether that someone else is a best friend, a significant other or even a hot stranger on the subway platform. By doing this, you make lingerie about self-respect and treating yourself well everyday – not dressing for someone else.

When men buy lingerie, what do they typically go for first?
They typically head straight for a sales associate for guidance! Then it’s usually something black and lacy and with matching suspenders…classic is always a good bet.


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