Jourdan Dunn Breaks Down Her H&M Met Gala Look

by Sydney Sadick

Supermodel  Jourdan Dunn is no stranger to the Met Gala—she’s attended since 2008 and wore Balmain to least year’s extravaganza. This year, Dunn teamed up with H&M to design a look that combined her personal style with the Comme des Garçons aesthetic. We caught up with the beauty ahead of the event to get all of the details about her look and Met Gala plans. Take a peek at our exclusive images, below!

Why did you decide to team up with H&M for this year’s Met Gala look?
I have been shopping and working for them since I was a teenager. I love what they stand for, what they create, and how they operate from a business perspective. I knew they would have fun with the theme and create something beautiful. We worked on the dress for about a month. When I think of Comme des Garçons, I think of distortion.

What was the biggest challenge of this year’s theme?
We wanted to make sure that we paid respect to [Rei Kawakubo’s] brilliance as a creator. We want her to be proud of how we interpreted her aesthetic.

What’s it like looking back on your first Met Gala?
It was 2008, I was 17 years old and so nervous! I had never attended anything like that before and had no idea what to expect. I cried the night before because I was so overwhelmed. What if I trip? What am I going to talk about? [Laughs]. I look back now and say to myself, ‘Well you handled that well for being 17.’

Whose opinion did you trust most during the design process?
My stylist Sophie Lopez! I need her to co-sign the design, always!

What do you typically do the night before the gala?
Save my energy. Get a facial. Check into the hotel. Order room service. Relax for a big night out!

Does the Met Gala get easier each year?
Definitely. The Met Gala red carpet is very intimidating. I am more prepared now because I know what to expect. But don’t get me wrong, I still get nervous!

What do you do afterwards?
I’ll swing by Rihanna’s after-party, but let’s see…you never know where the night will lead!

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2hilarious May 14, 2017 - 1:59 PM

Jours an Dunn is a model and a mom. She is a great example for the young girls aspiring to model. She shows young girls that you can be a black talented model, create your own line, represented great brand such as Victoria’s Secret, H&M and more.
So proud!


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