Jordin Sparks on Teaming Up with Burlington Stores for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

by Sydney Sadick

Multi-platinum singer/songwriter and actress Jordin Sparks has teamed up with Burlington stores and The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to celebrate their 16th consecutive year of partnership and to launch their in-store fundraising campaign to help fund blood cancer research and lifesaving treatments. Now through December 9, all 599 locations are asking customers to donate $1 or more at checkout to benefit LLS’s Light The Night Campaign. We caught up with Sparks on the project.

How’d you link up with Burlington and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society?
I’ve done a lot of work with different associations that have to do with fighting cancer and research, so it made so much sense to me. Last week when we did the launch at Burlington in New York there were three kids there who were in remission from blood cancer—it was amazing to see them smile and get them a new fall wardrobe. Their families were there. It was really nice being a part of it.

What was the makeover experience like?
It was so great! But it was really crazy because on top of New York traffic being absolutely nuts, it was worse with the UN. Once we got there it was fun to be able to walk out and see the kids, who were so cute. One of the girls knew exactly what she wanted, and one of the boys loved all the colors and had a really great time. It was really a blessing and a humbling experience.

So many kids look up to your style. How do you describe it? 
It’s pretty random! I have moments where I want to be in a dress with heels and my hair and makeup done. Those are more rare, though, because for the most part I’m pretty [casual]. I like leggings, sneakers, earmuffs, and I always have a sweater with me because I’m always cold. I like a lot of jewel tones and enjoy playing with textures. I’m pretty minimal =—I like for one piece to speak for itself.

What else is new in your world these days?
I’m working on some new music and am going to Nashville this weekend to work on some new songs. I’m also auditioning for some movies. I’ve really appreciated working with Burlington. I have other projects that are in the early stages. I’m just thankful I can still work since being on American Idol 10 years ago.

What do you think about Idol returning to the small screen?
I’m happy about it! I’ve always loved American Idol because it gave people the opportunity to live their dreams. I was sad when it ended last year but I’m thankful it’s coming back. People who I know personally regretted not auditioning and now have another chance, which makes me really happy. I’m excited to see them stepping up and taking that leap of faith.

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