Jonathan Newhouse Supports The Return Of Galliano

by The Daily Front Row

Conde Nast International’s chairman and chief Jonathan Newhouse has come out in support of John Galliano, telling Vogue UK that they’ve developed a tight friendship since that little incident a few years ago. “After he left Christian Dior and went into recovery from his illness, our relationship deepened and became a friendship,” he explains. “I gave him books about the Holocaust and Jewish history and opened some doors to the Jewish community. I introduced him to Jewish leaders and a rabbi, Rabbi Barry Marcus from Central Synagogue, with whom he established a dialogue. We even attended synagogue together. I have tried to be a kind of guide and a source of support. I believe in John.” He also believes that Galliano can make a comeback in the industry: “An experience like the one John has lived makes a person stronger, wiser and more aware. I have no doubt that he can return to top form. He is in his early fifties, a time of life when many fashion designers produce outstanding work.” 

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