John Galliano Spring 2015

by Dena Silver

Bill Gaytten was up for a woodsy adventure chez John Galliano. This season, a slew of jungle-inspired mini-dresses and flowing gowns graced the runway, involving many delicate layers of chiffon, a variety of forest-inspired prints and plenty of leather leaves. Modern-day wood nymphs could be wardrobed exclusively in Gaytten’s latest looks. From the mods’ tousled locks to the edgy wooden, lime green soled flatforms with leafy appliques, these mystical creatures were brought to life. Long draped gowns in various shades of green felt decidedly carefree. But there was also a tailored undertone to the collection, with cropped brocade trenches shown alongside an electric stripe print in hues of purple and green. That same aesthetic was applied to a gown, with slats of a leafy bamboo print interspersed with lime green chiffon. The effect was quite ethereal, especially when finished off with a white feathered neckpiece. The all-white numbers sported origami-esque necklines, married the collection’s otherworldly feel with a slightly buttoned-up aesthetic. Chic juxtapositions!

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