Joey Wölffer Gives Us Her Holiday Entertaining Tips

by Eddie Roche

With the holidays quickly approaching and cooler temperatures on the way, we checked in with multi-hyphenate entrepreneur Joey Wölffer to hear how she’s keeping rosé in our wine glasses all-year round and what the Wölffer Estate has in store this season! 

Summer in a Bottle rosé isn’t just for summer. What are some ways to bring rosé into the holiday season?
Rosé is an incredibly versatile wine, meaning it pairs well with a wide variety of foods. This makes it the perfect wine to have on your table for the holidays. Whether you bring a bottle to share at a party or gift a bottle to a friend, it’s sure to be appreciated!

Do you drink rosé during Thanksgiving dinner?  
Of course! We make eight different rosés at Wölffer, and believe it or not, each one of them pairs perfectly with roasted turkey. Rosé is a must-have on our Thanksgiving table.

We’re really seeing rosé becoming an all-year round drink. Why do you think that is?
I’ve said this before and I’ll continue to say it—rosé is not just a drink, it’s a lifestyle. It’s the first and only wine to include an entirely new generation of younger people and it has really opened the wine category to more people overall. It doesn’t just symbolize summer and the beach, it’s a celebratory drink that has a youthful and enthusiastic energy to it. Who wouldn’t want to have that year-round!

The Wölffer bottles are so beautiful. Who designs them and how have they evolved over the years?
It all started when a friend of mine made a comment that Wölffer’s rose was ‘summer in a bottle,’ which then turned into an idea for an ad campaign. After receiving the ad from our designer, which was an image of a floral bottle, our winemaker and partner Roman Roth came up with the idea to turn it into [an actual wine bottle], so we did it! Before we knew it, we had sold 1,500 cases in two weeks. That’s when we knew we were onto something. Today, Summer in a Bottle Rosé has become a national and international brand. It has made Wölffer a household name and it’s found in many amazing restaurants, wine shops, and grocery stores! We want people to live and breathe the Hamptons spirit through our brand. Over the years, we’ve updated and edited the bottle designs as well as the winemaking process. The quality of the design and execution continues to make it hard to copy – there is only one Summer in a Bottle Rosé!

What are some interesting ways you’ve seen people give new life to the bottles long after the rosé has left the bottle?
We’ve seen people use our empty bottles to make everything from cups and vases to candles, and more. It’s incredible to see how creative our fans can get, and we love that our artwork can be an inspiration and an asset to them.

What’s Thanksgiving like at yours? Do you have any traditions?
I grew up in a household with two European parents. Thanksgiving, for us, was always a party of people who didn’t have families in America to go to. Some years we could have 50 people for dinner because my parents wanted everyone to enjoy the holiday! My mom continues the tradition of inviting people who don’t have anywhere to go, but we max out now at about 10.

What are your tips to bring something a little extra special to the table?
I always love dried flowers during Thanksgiving. I think it’s because their beautiful muted colors go so well with Thanksgiving food!

What is the Wölffer Estate like in the holiday season? Do you have any fun family events lined up?
This year we are hosting our first annual Winter Wonderland & Holiday Market at the Wine Stand and we are so excited about it! It will be open 11AM-4PN every weekend from Thanksgiving until New Years, with mulled wine, fire pits, food trucks, hot chocolate, ice skating for kids, a Santa appearance on select weekends, holiday shopping, and more! We are also hosting our 13th annual Lighting of the Vines charity event, where all proceeds are donated to The Bridgehampton Center. And lastly, during Candlelight Fridays at the Tasting Room offer live music from 5-8PM every Friday throughout the winter and always draw a big crowd!

Can you recommend any fun gifts from Wölffer for the holidays?
Where do I start! We have two new holiday gift boxes available online that both come in our beautiful branded packaging. One is a customizable three-bottle box and the other comes with two tinted wine glasses and one bottle of your choice— both of which make a beautiful holiday gift! We also have a lot of new sweatshirts, blankets, and wine bags all available at, the Wine Stand, and the Tasting Room Boutique!

Any changes with Wölffer we can look forward to in 2023?
In 2023, Wölffer will celebrate its 35th anniversary! I’m so proud of how far the brand has come and can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store for us. As always at Wölffer, we will have a few new product launches to look forward to too.

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