Joe Zee's Surprisingly Relaxed Holiday Season

by The Daily Front Row

At Tuesday’s ELLE dinner for their January issue, featuring Joan Smalls on the cover, we caught up with Joe Zee at the Indochine bash for all his thoughts on this merriment-packed season. This perpetual busybody actually slows down, sorta, for the holidays. Wish we could say the same…

Do you get crazed during the holidays?
My schedule is out of control always, except for around the holidays, which is the only time I don’t travel. 

What do you do instead of your usual bicoastal, globetrotting grind?
I don’t go anywhere through Thanksgiving and Christmas. I do Thanksgiving out in the Hamptons, and then I do an “orphan” dinner for Christmas for my friends.

What’s your holiday gift buying plan of attack?
Um, have my boyfriend do it all?! 

And when you do get in present-procuring mode…
I won’t pretend I get it done early, but I do get it done in one day.

Sounds intense—do you take a post-shopping catnap afterwards?
No nap! I usually need a drink after. But otherwise, I’m ready to go.

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