Palm Beach’s Modern Chicsters: Meet Joanna M. Myers

by The Daily Front Row
Joanna M. Myers

A new generation of tastemakers in Palm Beach is truly doing it all. Their passions and careers are as diverse as their personal style ethos, yet they all use fashion as a form of self-expression. Forget that outdated perception of Palm Beach style as strictly bright florals, pearls, and beach attire! Now, the fashion M.O. is less boardwalk, more catwalk. This new chic guard epitomizes modern Palm Beach style, whether in a meeting, on a flight, or at school drop-off — and, of course, at the Esplanade Palm Beach, the haute one-stop destination anchoring Worth Avenue for superb shopping, dining, and more, all just steps from the ocean. Ahead, meet the next wave of Palm Beach notables redefining the social and style scenes. Meet Joanna M. Myers, a luxury real estate associate at Douglas Elliman.

How do you define Palm Beach style?
My style in the past has been very nonconforming. I lived in New York City during my twenties, and when I wasn’t wearing a suit on the trading desk, I was dressed in black everything from head to toe. However, now living in Palm Beach, I love playing with bolder colors of blues, greens, pinks, and yellows. I never forget my sunglasses, either. Palm Beach is very feminine, which I absolutely love.

How aligned is Palm Beach style with your personal aesthetic?
I dress smart and sporty during the day, because I’m always on the go. Working in real estate for Douglas Elliman, I must wear a comfortable outfit and practical shoes, like my Chloé flats. I also believe in layering, so I can transition from morning, lunch, to afternoon. Otherwise, Palm Beach style is playful during the day for those women who are vacationing or lunching. Even casual style can be dressed up with a silky scarf, fun purse, and some sexy slingbacks.

What essentials should every Palm Beach woman have in her closet?
A Pucci print! Whether it’s a scarf, blouse, pant, or dress. Pucci is playful and quintessentially Palm Beach.

Who are some of your favorite designers?
Zadig & Voltaire, Gucci, Pucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton.

What do you look for when shopping for a bag?
Functionality for day: I need to be able to carry a notepad, pen, and client folders for when I’m showing a property. I also love a sturdy larger tote, like my Neverfull LV bag, or a Stella [McCartney] backpack, so I can have my laptop with me at all times. For evening, a small elegant or sporty clutch for just the essentials.

What is your favorite fashion era?
Now! Why live in the past? We’re so lucky. Women are able to dress for comfort and style and express our own individuality. We can wake up and dress how we feel and walk out the door without judgment.

What was the first luxury piece you ever bought?
When I landed my then dream job on Wall Street I purchased a two-tone Cartier Tank Française. To this day I still frequently wear the classic watch, especially when I’m showing real estate. It’s my lucky watch!

Who is your favorite person to go shopping with?
My husband, because he loves clothes and shoes. His closet is bigger than mine. He has phenomenal taste. When we have a free afternoon on a weekend we’ll have lunch on Worth Avenue and, as he likes to say, “Pop in a few stores.”

What is the best piece of fashion advice you’ve ever received?
My motto is, “If you don’t feel good in something, don’t wear it!” Even if it’s the fashion must-have.

What do you love the most about Palm Beach?
Palm Beach is a lifestyle. A special treat. The island has so much to offer for both residents and vacationers. There aren’t too many magical places where you can say year round, “Let’s go to the beach, take a walk, or play a round of golf, or hit some tennis balls.”

Joanna’s Esplanade Musts

Double-lapel wool blazer, EMILIO PUCCI, $2,405

Leather ankle boots, GUCCI, $1,390

Neverfull MM bag in Epi Leather Denim, LOUIS VUITTON, $2,260

Black sequin strap top, EMILIO PUCCI, $1,170


Leather belt with pearl double-G buckle, GUCCI, $450

Dress with frilled bib, LOUIS VUITTON, $2,150

Metallic leather sandals, GUCCI, $980

A Nous Deux sunglasses, LOUIS VUITTON, $700

Monogram shawl in Pearl Gray, LOUIS VUITTON, $590

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