Jeremy Scott Throws A Barbie Bash

by Dena Silver

“Tonight I’m wearing my Barbie dream tuxedo. I wanted to be Barbie’s dream date,” Jeremy Scott said last night, describing the glittery pink tux he was donning. The reason for his sparkly getup? A dinner at The Seagrape, located in the Thompson hotel in Miami to celebrate his first tome, Jeremy, a coffee table book with Rizzoli that chronicles the designer’s career. Filled with cheeky photos of Scott’s imaginative designs, the book also features some of his celeb fans, many of which were present last night to celebrate. Decked out in Moschino threads were Miley Cyrus, Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, Paris and Nicky Hilton, and China Chow.

And just like a huge group of friends gathering for a celebratory meal, everyone had kind warm words to share about Scott.”He gives me girl advice and career advice. Believe it or not, Jeremy introduces me to a lot of my girlfriends. He’s just a good guy, I’ve learned a lot from him,” A$AP Rocky told us. Who knew? Meanwhile, we reminisced with Scott, as we flipped through his book. “There was a shoot with Devon Aoki that I did, and it’s one of my favorites. So many of the pieces she wore were from collections she walked in, so it was like walking down memory lane. She even did her own makeup and hair; everyone else at the shoot just faded into the background.” But with so many celeb supporters he’s gathered through the years, we had to figure out, who has yet to don clothing from either of Scott’s collections? “I’ve never dressed Dolly Parton,” he divulged. “I’d love to create something within her world that would have my touch as well. Something like Backwoods Barbie, which is the name of one of her albums!”

Directly following dinner, guests streamed into the pool area, where a Barbie themed Live The Dream party was being thrown. And yes, it was like our childhood dreams came true, well avec strong Belvedere cocktails. While stands were pumping out cotton candy and buckets of popcorn, there was a faux toy box to pose in and a pool emblazoned with Moschino in big pink letters. But as for the pièce de résistance? That would be the life-size Barbie house, stocked with a faux kitchen, hot pink walls, and plenty of places to take what might be the best selfies ever. Needless to say, with a hefty dose of pink, a few flashy celebs, and a whole lot of fun, Scott surely knows how to throw a soirée.

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