Jeremy Scott Runs Wild With His References For Moschino Fall ’21

by Freya Drohan

Forget limiting it to just lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! Jeremy Scott had the many animals that live inside a woman on the brain while working on his Fall Winter ’21 collection for Moschino. From her inner shark that comes out during her 9-5 to ending her day as a graceful society swan at the theatre, Scott knows that his woman is multi-faceted, and so she should have a wardrobe to go with it.

To best illustrate this, Scott called upon some 36 megawatt stars of the modeling and entertainment world to appear in a short film called Jungle Red. The salon-style show-within-a-show-within-a-show-within-a-show (we’re not joking!) was hosted by Maye Musk, and brought together a cast that included everyone from Hailey Bieber and Stella Maxwell to Karen Elson and Miranda Kerr. Fundamentally, Scott is all about having fun, and thus the mashup Old Hollywood-ish “adventure into fashion land” takes viewers on a camp journey through a week in the life of his muse. First, his ball-busting financiers, who dominate the city while cosplaying in a “busy businesswoman” uniform of pinstripes, tie bustiers, briefcases, newspaper print, and miniature bowler hats. We don’t know about your office dress code, but we’re into it! After a hard slog crunching numbers, she’s off to get her nature fix—in tweed sets, A-line skirts, pearls, and burlap sack couture no less. We dare you to wear the word ‘potato’ splashed across your fishtail hem and look this chic!

With her lungs restored, she’s back to the city to visit the museum for a dose of culture—and an excuse to wear a skirt suit worthy of any 1940s screen siren. But oh, what’s that? The art! It’s alive! And it’s coming right for you. Speaking of live action, it’s now time for a safari—a shopping safari that is. Enter: Taylor Hill as a binocular-touring conservationist keeping a close eye on supermodels in rather literal animal-inspired getups such as flamingos, wild cats, and Valetta’s bum-wiggling golden alligator.

After a year chilling at home in sweats, we’re exhausted just thinking about how much Scott’s muses are flitting around in their day-to-day lives, but it’s not over yet. Back at the golden age-era theatre, elegance is served up thanks to satin gowns, opera gloves, headwear, and sequins. For good measure, Dita Von Teese signs off the show with a unexpected twist by flashing us her derrière. Because when it comes to a Moschino show, that’s always Scott’s aim, isn’t it? What’s fashion, without a little cheek.

See the full collection below:


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