Jeremy Murphy’s Fresh Vision for PR in the Social Media Age

by Kristen Heinzinger

After 14 years at CBS and a decade-long tenure as editor-in-chief of the network’s Watch! magazine, Jeremy Murphy is off and running with his boutique customized media agency, 360bespoke. The plan: a more elegant approach to PR for the glossy set.

Tell us about your new agency, 360bespoke.
I was at CBS for 14 years, and lots of friends in beauty, fashion, and the arts would ask me to help them with PR on the side. I’d give them advice and write press releases, but I could never do it full time. So the chorus grew louder and louder. I turned 40, the magazine celebrated its 10th anniversary, and I thought it was a great time to spread my wings and start something new.

What’s behind the name?
360bespoke offers the whole media perspective—PR, marketing, branding, content development, crisis communication, social media, media training. It’s bespoke because we give very customized personal attention. We call our clients our “collection.”

Who are your clients?
We’re very privileged to have a first-class roster and a really good mix of clients. We’ve got Charlie Siem, the violinist, who was the face of Dior. We have Johannes Huebl, a huge model and social media star. He’s married to Olivia Palermo, and they’re a great power couple. We’ve also got model Robert Konjic—Tom Ford discovered him for Gucci. Robert and Julia Roitfeld have a child together, so he was in Carine’s world for a while. We have Jeff Leatham, who is a celebrated artistic director of the George V in Paris. He’s like the florist to the stars; he did Madonna’s wedding, Tina Turner’s wedding, and Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. We have another model, Iestyn Davies. He’s a British countertenor, huge opera star. I think he’s one of 10 people in the world who can hit any note. We have one fashion brand, Vicomte A., which is like
the Ralph Lauren of Europe. It’s very lifestyle-oriented.

Iestyn Davies

What will be your first projects?
Our start date is October 1. Deborah Mitchell—who does facials for the royal family—created a skin cream called Heaven and is bringing her products to the U.S. Johannes is going to be at NYFW and LFW. And Jeff Leatham just added the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills to his portfolio.

Jeff Leatham Four Seasons Flowers

Given all of your experience, what are you finding that people want today?
The pendulum is swinging back to a thoughtful, more elegant approach. Social media is about who can scream the loudest, and a lot of people are sick of that. The 24-hour media cycle has become the 24-second media cycle. It’s hard for companies and artists to get through. It’s incumbent on us to create strategies that speak to brands in a way that turns down the noise and gives people a way to be thoughtful and sophisticated.

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