Is Jenna Lyons In The Naughty Chair?

by The Daily Front Row
Jenna Lyons

Say it ain’t so! NY Post‘s Page Six is reporting that J.Crew’s Mickey Drexler has asked Jenna Lyons to bring it down a notch and get her focus back on the brand after the retailer has been hit with poor sales. A J.Crew spokesperson is denying the story, saying, “This is completely inaccurate and couldn’t be farther from reality.” The source tells Page Six that Drexler wants Lyons to take the focus off of her own personal brand, and that the “J.Crew CEO is tired of Jenna Lyons being out on the circuit and not paying attention to business.” According to The Wall Street Journal, J. Crew posted a loss of $607.8 million for the quarter ended November 1st, compared with a profit of $35.4 million a year earlier. Revenue for the period was up 6 percent, to $655.2 million. We popped into J.Crew over the weekend and New Yorkers seems to have no problem with the store, as the Fifth Avenue location was as packed as we’ve ever seen it, with customers waiting in long lines to check out. Now, if they could just do something about that scary elevator…

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Sophie P. December 28, 2014 - 8:51 PM

J Crew is turning into Banana Republic– with the exception of a couple of things in stores, most stuff if totally outdated, utterly boring and the same stuff over again season after season. It’s sad, the last 4-5 I’ve gone in there I could not find anything to buy.


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