Jamie Mizrahi on Her First Collection for Juicy Couture

by Sydney Sadick

With stylist Jamie Mizrahi at the helm of Juicy Couture as its new creative director, the brand beloved for its terrycloth and velour sweatsuits and more is back and better than ever! Following her debut NYFW presentation last week, we caught up with Mizrahi on all-things Juicy!

How does it feel to be coming off of your first presentation for Juicy Couture?
I feel equal parts excited, grateful, and relieved. I’m excited about what’s to come, grateful about all of the people who helped make the collection happen, and relieved it’s over and I can get started with fall!

What’s the inspiration behind SS18?
The inspiration behind SS18 was updated nostalgia. It was a slight nod to Richard Avedon, Jean Shrimpton—a bit late sixties, early seventies. But mainly it was about making the Juicy I remember work for the Juicy girl today.

What were you looking to bring into this collection?
I was looking to bring back the things that original Juicy fans all know and love about the brand and the feeling the clothing evoked: fun, wearable clothes that don’t take themselves too seriously in bright colors in terrycloth, velour, linen, etc.

There were different vignettes throughout the presentation. Explain!
There were different vignettes of colors with lots of different silhouettes and styles. The goal was to appeal to all different types of girls. I wanted everyone to feel like there was a look for them.

We saw Bee Shaffer there…are you friends?

Noted. What are your earliest memories of Juicy?
I remember my first track suit. It was waffle material and it was oatmeal colored and I thought I was the coolest person ever for having it.

Goals for the brand going forward?
Lots of fun, exciting curveballs.

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