James Scully on The 6 Standout Mods of The Season

by Eddie Roche

Veteran casting director James Scully casts shows for Carolina Herrera, Stella McCartney, Tom Ford, Jason Wu, and Derek Lam, so who better to get the skinny on the next gen of mods to put on our radar? “These are the real standouts,” Scully tells us. “There were others, but these girls really had something more.“ He also fills us in on the comeback kid of the season. Industry, take note!

Maarjte Verhoef
Agency: Women
“The star of the season was Maarjte Verhoef. This was her first real season doing shows, and I’m sure her print career is on the way. She has to have been the showhorse of the season. I don’t think there wasn’t a thing that she wasn’t in. So, I hope she’s getting rest this week! She’s a real beauty. She could go on to be a real Vogue girl. I don’t think there’s been a girl with a quality like that in a long time. A lot of these girls are more disposable these days; there were certainty a lot of pale, not interesting blondes. To me, she had all of the qualities of a young super girl.”

models Models


Vanessa Moody
Agency: Women
“She was a Wang exclusive last season and I think she will blow up this year. She’s not a kid. She’s over 18. She got a really good head on her shoulders. Apparently, she’s from Texas, went to the Chanel show, the cowboy show, and decided she was going to model. Women signed her and people were definitely fighting to have her as an exclusive this season.”

model Models


Aya Jones
Agency: The Lions
“No one had seen her until Prada. She’s not French, but she was brought up in France. She’s part Jamaican and part French. When she came out in Prada, I couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. You couldn’t not notice her. There certainly are other women of color that come out of shows, just like other girls you may not necessarily notice them, but she was just so unmistakably beautiful. The next day everyone was on the phone trying to figure out where she came from and why they didn’t get her first.”



Sanne Vloet
Agency: New York Model Management
“She’s Dutch, and she reminds me of a lot of the Dutch girls that were amazing in the early ‘90s. Everyone I put her in front of hired her. She did all of my shows. It’s her first season and she’s really one to watch. I’ve never seen a girl that can just walk in the door and kind of get everything all in one shot. It takes a lot of girls years to get the kind of polish that she had right out of the gate. She really has the presence and confidence of a girl that has taken two or three years to get to that point.”

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 4.22.53 PM


Luping Wong
Agency: Wilhelmina
“She had a stronger look and was less cute and more mature looking than many of the other Asian girls that I saw this season.”


Julia Hafstrom
Agency:  IMG
“Julia Hafstrom is the comeback kid this season. She’s been around for many years, and has been this commercial model. And all of a sudden, this year she did what Joan Smalls did a couple of years ago: she broke free of that commercial mold and became the hot new old girl. She did all of my shows. She’s now going to have the career she probably should have had. She’s about to have a big fashion moment.”

Models  The New York Premiere of THE GRANDMASTER




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