ITA Buzz: Three Italian Fashion Brands to Know Ahead of Coterie

by The Daily Front Row
Italian fashion brands

The Italian Trade Commission is bringing the buzziest Italian fashion brands to Coterie in New York. Here’s the scoop on three brands that will be showing at the trade show this season.

1. Amina Rubinacci
Since the 1970s, Amina Rubinacci knitwear has been a symbol of quality and elegance. Her pieces are distinguished by their perfect designs, meticulous attention to detail, the selection of raw materials, and the search for the finest yarns. The innovative combinations of yarns defined by unexpected knits, subtle lines, and chromatic harmony have made this brand a timeless icon of style.

(Amina Rubinacci)

2. Mela Jewelry
Manuela Girone and Francesco Di Tommaso are the creative force behind Mela Jewelry, a contemporary Italian jewelry brand with elegant and enchanting collections that weave together organic materials, such as linen, silk, laminated cords, leather, pearls, and semiprecious stones.

(Mela Jewelry)

3. Tonet
Craftsmanship is the distinctive trait of the TONET brand, which constantly cultivates research and innovation with experience, impressive manual skills, and constant attention to detail. “Made in Italy” is the strong point of the brand. The company maintains the entire production process in Italy to guarantee the highest quality materials and finishes.

italian fashion brands


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