Is Gawker Going Union?

by Eddie Roche
Nick Denton

Paging Norma Rae…Editors at Gawker made a bold move yesterday, with the news that the site’s writers are trying to unionize. Senior editor Hamilton Nolan wrote a piece explaining why they’ve decided to unionize, writing: “As journalism has moved online and flourished over the past 20 years or so, union workplaces have become much more rare in our industry. Gawker Media would be the first major online media company to organize. That is something that everyone at this company—employees, management, and owners alike—could be proud of.” Today, the NY Post‘s Keith J. Kelly spoke with Gawker Media CEO Nick Denton to get his take on the report of his employees trying to unionize. His current mood? “Relaxed.” Denton tells Kelly. “We all know writers are a bunch of communists. The editorial board here is nicknamed the Poliburo after all.” This should get interesting.

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