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iPad Infatuation! With Grazia U.K. EIC Jane Bruton

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Grazia U.K. editor in chief Jane Bruton breaks it down from the Grazia app to tetiquette (tech etiquette!)

What’s on Grazia’s iPad app?
isn’t available in print in the States, so it’s a way to get our heady weekly fix of fashion, news, views, and shoes. It has the magazine’s content, wit, and spirit.

What kind of iPad do you have?
I’ve got an iPad Mini. I constantly fight with my youngest son to use it! I monopolize it in the mornings to catch up on the news, he steals it when I’m in the shower, then I wrestle it off him when I take him to school.

Are you very tech-y?
I certainly wouldn’t describe myself as tech obsessed, but I am surgically attached to my iPhone.

What’s your cardinal rule of tech etiquette?
Call me old fashioned, but if you’re at a dinner I think it’s really rude not to put your phone away.

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