Into The Gloss’ Emily Weiss Raises $8.4 Million To Expand Glossier

by Dena Silver

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Into The Gloss creator Emily Weiss‘ debut beauty line Glossier isn’t only about looking prettyit’s shaping up to be a pretty serious business. She raised $8.4 million in funding to bring the label to a new level, according to WWDBack when Glossier was introduced in early October, there was a flurry of talk about the fashion crowd’s go-to beauty site foray into products, and the reviews were positively glowing.

Despite the new cash flow, Glossier will stay true to its crowdsourcing ways. By monitoring comments on the brand’s Instagram, website, and corresponding Into The Gloss destinations, Weiss and her team are anticipating what their clients want and how to best cater to those needs. “It’s really important to have a culture of experimentation, innovation, and people who are genuinely curious. It comes down to having a great team,” Weiss told The Daily in September 2013. “Commenters are constantly giving us ideas for features. I think that’s great. I’m always getting inspired by readers and people I meet—somebody on the street or a reader I meet while I’m travelling. It’s energizing to meet people from around the world who read our site.”

Staying true to that mentality, Glossier has made their direct-to-consumer product an IRL experience: They set up a NYC pop-up that sold their inaugural products, the 4-piece Phase 1 beauty set, for three weeks. Through a voting portal on their site, fans chose where the pop-up shop would appear next, so Weiss brought Glossier to Los Angeles on November 11. Before 2015, Glossier will hit San Francisco and Chicago. Weiss is also using these events to cast sets of best friends for an upcoming campaign. Keep your calendars marked for November 24, when Glossier will roll out a special holiday-apropos product. As for other additions to their inventory? The brand will launch new product on a quarterly basis. You might want to prepare your medicine cabinet now…

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