Influencer Agent Idalia Salsamendi on How to Dominate in the Crowded Social Media Marketplace

by Alexandra Ilyashov

Former model-manager-turned-influencer-guru Idalia Salsamendi. Salsamendi helped Chriselle Lim’s career really blow up a few years ago, and has since become a go-to for others on the path to social media success.

How did you meet Chriselle Lim?
We’ve known each other for about a decade through industry events, her, a successful up-and-coming blogger, and me, a model manager seeing if women like her could translate in the traditional model-brand-agency world. Four years ago, we decided to work together; it’s honestly been magic ever since. From the quality of her work to how she’s just the most graceful, professional, kind human being, Chriselle understands the business and has a fearless disposition about paving the way for the future.

Idalia Salsamendi (Courtesy)

What goals drove you to launch your company in 2016?
To ensure that no matter where anyone stood in the digital-marketing space, they’d have a safe haven to turn to for all their burning questions. My company has three exciting sectors: Realization Podcast, which allows listeners to peek behind the iron curtain of the industry to discuss critical topics for success with trailblazing leaders. If someone is without a doubt ready to take the next step in their career and start generating serious income, I offer highly rated Online Business Kits for an affordable price. They allow influencers and entrepreneurs, micro and macro, to have a solid business game plan, and have an audio guide of me talking through key points. I genuinely want my customers to feel like I’m right there cheering them on, educating them about industry information normally kept hush-hush.

Idalia Salsamendi (Courtesy)

How else do you foster influencers’ growth?
I offer one-on-one strategic consulting. My clients have included Chriselle Lim, Alexandra Pereira, Brittany Xavier, Chopard, and Valentino. I love diving deep into each client’s business to positively launch them in the next exciting avenue of their career, which they may not even be aware of. This year, I’m launching an Online Masterclass. I can’t split myself into a zillion pieces to help everyone, so it’s an incredible platform for one-on-one consulting.

Any advice for those aspiring to a career like yours?
Please work at an agency. Gain invaluable experience, ask questions, be curious, do the work, and don’t complain. Many individuals claim they’re managers or strategists, but have little to no experience. Although I fully support and fervently encourage young people conquering their dreams, I firmly advise them to take a step back. Think bigger-picture. This industry is so unthinkably small; we’re all connected. If you don’t make a good first impression, it’ll be that much more difficult to survive the cutthroat landscape.

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