Ines de la Fressange On Hello Kitty, Passé Shoes, And Her Roger Vivier Gig

by The Daily Front Row

Fresh off the launch of her Uniqlo collab, we snagged a moment with French beauty and Roger Vivier brand ambassador, Ines de la Fressange, at the label’s luxe Russian din to get the full scoop on what she j’adores and what she can just do without. The full verdict, right this way! 

How do you feel about the fashion biz these days?
I think that fashion is a little bit too serious now, much too intellectual. Fashion is all about desire and frivolity; there’s nothing bad about that. In spring, you want something a little bit happy…and happy has become a very fashionable word since Pharrell William’s song came out.

What are you tired of seeing?
I’m a little bit fed up with the moon boots and winter fur boots. Motorcycle boots, too. I just want girly things! And I’m also little bit fed up with huge high heels. 

What kinds of shoes are you into for Spring?
I quite like flats, especially for evening. Everybody tells me that it’s because I’m tall, but it’s cute on anyone. At Vivier, we always have [flat] evening shoes, but we make them dressy. Which is not easy to find.

What’s your fave part of your brand ambassador gig?
A lot of days of rest! I’m kidding…but I love that I have total freedom. And there are parties with loud, loud music. 

Sounds like a blast! What don’t most people know about you?
I quite like Hello Kitty. People never expect that from me; they think I’m a boring, classical person. 

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