5 Famous Women on the Craziest Things They’ve Ever Done In the Name of Beauty

by Eddie Roche

1. Josephine Skriver
“A friend convinced me to start shaving my face. I’ve been doing it for a little over a month now, and I don’t get as many blackheads. I swear by it now. No shaving cream—you just use a milky face wash.”

Josephine Skriver.

2. Martha Hunt
“I’ve had a facial where they take your blood and put it into a cream. My skin was glowing!”

Martha Hunt.

3. Sara Sampaio
“I bleached my eyebrows a few times. They were not happy; it broke them a little bit. But it’s okay—they grew back very fast.”

Sara Sampaio.

4. Gigi Gorgeous
“One time, I didn’t know how to tweeze my eyebrows, so I tried to thin them out with my brother’s razor. I went to school the next day with no eyebrows at all. Little did I know that it would be a trend now to have no eyebrows. I was ahead of my time!”

Gigi Gorgeous.

5. Ajak Deng
“One time, I did a shoot in Australia and they put a beard and a mustache on me. It was pretty wild.”

Ajak Deng (Patrick McMullan)

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