If You Could Own Any Piece of Art, What Would It Be? Part III

by Sydney Sadick

“A Jeff Koons sculpture. It’s about balance with two basketballs floating in perfect equilibrium—it always made me think about a perfect relationship. It was a beautiful piece that we [my husband] had in our place. But my husband, who’s an art dealer, sold it!” —Stefano Tonchi

“I’m really obsessed with those giant, blow-up animals. Jeff Koons! If I could fit them in my tiny New York apartment, I’d get them.” —Josephine Skriver

“I go through a lot of different moods. Warhol is a status symbol—there’s something really great about that—but I’ve been in a Pablo Picasso phase. I did all of this research about him…I’d love one of those bizarro face paintings. There’s an idea of an old-school painting that’s very seductive to me. I like [Jeff] Koons too, but you need property to have one of those!” —Jeremy Scott

“I’m a big fan of Gerhard Richter. I would love to own a piece of his work, only because I just found out everything that he does is so deep and in texture. He makes [his work] look so easy but it’s not. I like the unexpected, accidental outlook, but deep down there’s a lot of work and thought process behind it.” —Sandra Choi, creative director of Jimmy Choo

“One of my dreams is to own a Lucio Fontana piece. One slice! It’s just one of those things I can stare infinitely at.” —Philip Lim, designer

“I would love to own a Warhol Marilyn Monroe. Or Elvis! Marilyn first, and then Elvis.” —Julie Wainwright, CEO of The RealReal

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