How's Your Handwriting, Chicsters?

by The Daily Front Row

We asked! You answered! How’s your handwriting, love?

Lori Goldstein:
“I’m getting worse.”

Alexa Ray Joel: “Very good. It’s a shame that in this society we’ve gotten away from writing things out. We need to get back to that.”

Willow Smith: “Kind of big and like monster letters. Print, all the time. No cursive, just monster letters.”  

Jada Pinkett Smith: “I always say I write like a serial killer. [Laughs] I would hate for someone to analyze my penmanship.”  

J Crew’s Tom Mora: “Schizophrenic.”

J. Crew’s Frank Muytjens: “It’s a mix of sloppy and neat.”

Patrick McMullan: “Fair to middling. That’s what the Irish always say when they are a little depressed.”

Julie Macklowe: “Excellent! My parents beat it into me as a child.”

Naeem Khan: “I write pretty good. I went to a British school in India.”

Ranjana Khan: “I write script, but I’m very upset that my children aren’t learning cursive. They just print everything. They don’t join their letters. We were taught to write to write words again and again. I like my handwriting.”

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