How Stoney Clover Lane’s Kendall Glazer Is Staying Optimistic These Days

by Eddie Roche

In today’s “Cabin Fever Diaries,” we check in with Stoney Clover Lane co-founder and creative director, Kendall Glazer, who has been camped out in Florida during quarantine. She tells us about how she launched Stoney Clover Lane University during the pause and got back to her creative roots. 

Where are you right now and who are you with?
In Palm Beach with my parents and sister. I grew up here and was able to leave NYC early enough to come down, and I’m so grateful to be able to have fresh air and sun during this time.

How have you been spending your time these past few months?

Working a lot. More than ever but I have never enjoyed it more! Once I got used to the “new normal,” I was able to focus on some amazing projects we have coming up through the end of 2021 that have kept me really optimistic about the future and staying very creative. My sister and I have also been doing lot of crafting. Stoney Clover Lane started out of boredom making bracelets on our bedroom floor, and while quarantined, we resorted back to making updated bracelets. We ended up selling them and they sold out in minutes, which led us to a bunch of other creative, fun drops we have been doing from home.

What has been the biggest change to your routine?
Not being able to go into an office and be in person with our team. We are so collaborative that so many amazing ideas come from unplanned meetings and spur of the moment ideas. We are still in constant contact but not being able to just brainstorm over lunch has been hard.

What are you doing to decompress?
Being creative – crafting, tie dye, and coming up with new ideas.

Kendall Glazer (Courtesy)

How are you staying active?

Pilates by Amanda has been my quarantine silver lining. I did pilates with her once a few months ago in LA and was so sad to go back to NYC and not be able to take pilates with her. Now I FaceTime with her 3x a week and it has been my way to stay active but also decompress.

What are you most anxious about?

Making sure that my stores feel like a safe place when we are able to reopen.

What music have you been listening to lately?

Taylor Swift & Kacey Musgraves, always.

What are you doing to help others?
Personally and professionally, I have always felt it is so important to give back. We created a downloadable coloring book with PaperWhite-Studios to raise money for Baby2Baby, an organization we care so much about. We have also donated a percentage of our online sales to them and have raised money for Feeding America through selling our tie-dye face masks.

Kendall Glazer

What do you want to do when this is all over?

Travel and throw a big party for all of my friends.

How has the experience changed your outlook?
I am content being in one place for longer than a week. Typically, I’m on a plane almost every weekend but this time has been somewhat relaxing and a necessary reset.

What are you feeling optimistic about?
During this time, we launched Stoney Clover Lane University, which is a weekly Zoom session with around 150 of our followers and customers that fills up in minutes. I cover various topics from E-commerce and retail to influencer strategy and marketing to mistakes we have made. This close connection to our community has really made me so excited to see what other ideas people come up with during this time and has inspired me to continue sharing my knowledge and learnings. Everything I have learned about business, I have learned building Stoney Clover Lane. Seeing these “students” each week, ranging in age from 7 to mid-50s, has made me optimistic about what we can create if we are willing to work together and share our strengths.

Kendall Glazer

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