How San Diego-based Loghman Jewelers Elevates the Shopping Experience

by Thomas Herd

With the evolution of online shopping, these days it’s rare that one encounters a remarkable in-person shopping experience that feels personal and memorable. While their jewelry and designs are available online via their website, one San Diego based jewelry company has been elevating the jewelry experience for more than 30 years from their flagship store in Del Mar, California. Originally launched in the 80’s, Loghman Jewelers owner Sean Loghman sought to feature Italian designed jewelry—something that was rarely readily available in jewelry stores back then.  More than 30 years later, Loghman is now recognized as a fixture among the San Diego community, known for their commitment to sourcing and designing fine jewelry that are unique and far from generic. With so many of the chain jewelry brands offering 14 karat gold products, Loghman only sells 18 karat gold, emphasizing the quality and level of excellence they abide by when designing and making jewelry. With the majority of their jewelry designed and made in Italy, Loghman also has designers in France, Germany, Spain and Belgium. Over the years, some of their most popular pieces have been unique and interesting pieces ranging from diamond pendant necklaces to delicate bangles. But in recent years, the brand has seen an uptick in popularity for their diamond eternity bands. They also have a loose diamond department where clients can find the perfect stone for a custom engagement ring. As all of their diamonds are GIA certified, customers can rest assured of accuracy of grading, knowing they’re getting high quality diamonds.


But perhaps what most sets Loghman apart from most typical jewelry companies is their dedication to offering a personal and memorable shopping experience. Providing service and care along every step of the shopping process, the company aims to offer products that will last a lifetime, becoming a family heirloom or keepsake that is passed down for generations to come. And while many jewelry companies now only exist online, Loghman’s brick and mortar store represents their long standing love and passion for their clientele, making their services and resources available in-person.

“We don’t just exist in the ether. We love that we have an actual store” says Loghman Owner and Founder, Sean Loghman. “We have in-house manufacturing, jewelry repairs, and servicing for watches. Our aim is to capture the true essence of the art of jewelry. We strive to make and offer jewelry that is designed with care and quality.”  To learn more about Loghman Jewelers, visit their website or follow them on Instagram.

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