How Melissa Wood-Tepperberg Got Her Life On Track

by The Daily Front Row

Like many women, Melissa Wood-Teppenberg, is wearing a lot of hats. She’s a mother, health coach, and founder of Melissa Wood Health and The MWH Method. Wood’s method is a subscription based program to get your body and mind in it’s best shape ever through workouts such as incline treadmill exercises, dance warm-ups and guided mediations. She also shares her favorite plant-based recipes, products, and lifestyle advice with her growing legion of followers on She tells The Daily what it’s all about and how she got her own life on track after body image issues. 

How did the idea for Melissa Wood Health come about?
Melissa Wood Health was created about eight years ago, but it wasn’t until after I had my first child that I truly started to hone in on the “why.” I had spent 10 years working as a model and actress and had a very negative relationship with my body image. After recovering from an eating disorder and getting to a better place with myself, I knew that there was nothing more important to me than helping others feel connected to themselves and learn to love their bodies. I started sharing my workouts to show that you do not have to kill yourself in the gym to see long lasting results in not only your body, but most importantly in your mind.

What’s your professional background?
I’m a certified yoga and Pilates instructor as well as certified health coach.

How do you describe Melissa Wood Health to people who don’t know about it?
Melissa Wood Health is a platform that helps you thrive from the inside out through my workouts, meditations and mindful eating. I share low impact, highly effective workouts using mostly your own body weight to sculpt long, lean lines throughout your entire body.

How much is it?
$9.99/month or $99.99/year


Tell us a little bit about the clothing you sell online.
All of the clothing that I share on my site are pieces I personally own and wear on repeat. I love fashion and putting together looks, and am really excited about some new projects in this space that I have in the works.

Is your goal to create a whole lifestyle brand?
My goal is to stay present with everything that is happening now so that I can continue to give in a way that hopefully makes a difference in people’s lives. I think the organic growth of my brand has been a testament to people seeing differences that they like, and it would be an honor to continue to grow here.

Melissa Wood (Courtesy)

Who have been some of your inspirations?
Hands down Elena Brower, Marriane Williamson, and Gabby Bernstein.

How has your life improved since creating Melissa Wood Health?
My life has improved in every way, shape and form. The inner peace I feel from actually doing the work each day is something I cherish and recognize the most in my life. I work hard to feel this good in my mind and body. I believe so strongly in prioritizing all things that bring you peace, and my dedication to my practice most certainly does that for me.

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