How Liv Schreiber Uplifts Her Fashion Community

by Amir Bakian

Liv Schreiber is a stylist at heart and loves fashion. Her talent and experience have led her to develop a reputation as an outstanding fashion influencer and entrepreneur. Last year she started a fashion technology company with her twin brother called Brand Caffeine that did six figures in its first year helping brands boost their digital presence, content, and paid ads across multiple social media platforms. What makes her unique as a fashion blogger and influencer is that she treats style as an afterthought to the energy, kindness, and positivity that she promotes. The loyal audience of over 50,000 followers on Instagram and TikTok love that she promotes a message of encouragement for aspiring fashion entrepreneurs that is hard to find in the industry.

People enjoy watching her fashion and styling tips, but what has them constantly coming back is the mix of life and advice and authenticity she gives them. Liv stands out because of her genuine attitude and encouragement to her followers. She loves the opportunity to mentor thousands of women through her social media accounts and her
website. One way that she has been uplifting the fashion community lately is through a free
education program called Zoom Fashion Week that provides fashion education to
hundreds of students around the world. Her message of kindness is refreshing in an industry that gotten a reputation for being very cutthroat. Liv takes the opposite approach. She is happy to go out of her way to
give someone a smile, open a door, and many other little things to make people feel
good because it makes her feel good too and is a big part of her success. As she points
out, “You’d be surprised at how few people thank the secretary, janitor, waitress or
doorman on their way out the door.” Liv is a third generation entrepreneur with a degree from the University of Wisconsin-
Madison and has certificates from FIT and Parsons. While many people think entrepreneurs need to work 100 hours a week to succeed, Liv takes a different approach. Based on her experience, it’s important that entrepreneurs should have a
social life and invest in taking care of themselves. This includes getting good sleep and a regular workout routine because when you feel good, you look good and are able to excel at work. Does her approach of positivity and balance really work? To answer this question all you have to do is see her results.

In just a few years, Liv has been an elite stylist for Jesse Itzler and his billionaire wife Sara Blakely of Spanx. This led to her helping Spanx launch their activewear. She also helped launch Teen Vogue x Parsons Fashion Week, she was a style expert for Refinery29, and waked in New York Fashion Week for the Sorel Fashion Show. Finally, she has worked with top brands and Fortune 500 companies which include Revolve, Amanda, Moroccanoil, Uprichard, Teen Vogue, Casely, Birdies, Sorels, Refinery29, Steve Madden, and Google. Liv is thankful for every opportunity and loves sharing her message of positivity with her fashion and style tips. She looks forward to helping even more of her clients and followers- and we predict that given her spark, she may even be on the big screen someday.

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