Homegoods Label Serena & Lily Adds Ready-To-Wear To Their Lineup

by Dena Silver

They’ve become a go-to for chic home wares, bedecking apartments, lofts, and houses with airy, playful pieces of furniture and other various accoutrements. Now, Serena & Lily has delved into the clothing realm, with the introduction of Serena & Lily Collection for Her. Composed of 30 sleek pieces, the range includes smart fit-and-flare dresses, comfy yet chic loungewear, and a few beach-apropos pieces. Co-founder Serena Dugan filled us in on the fresh new label and how much furniture actually inspired the designs, which hit store shelves (and their catalog) this spring.

Why did you decide to introduce ready-to-wear to Serena & Lily?
We have a point of view on style that goes across many categories, so this was a natural extension of the brand vision. As we got further into the discussion about the people in the [catalog] images, we started to discuss who they were and ultimately, what they were wearing.  This collection is our presentation of that full lifestyle point of view.

Tell us more about the collection’s aesthetic.
The line is inspired by iconic vintage pieces and reflects our brand’s belief that fashion should feel timeless and serve as a foundation for self-expression.

Do you ever get clothing inspiration from furniture? Or vice versa?
Furniture and textiles often inspire clothing, but interestingly not the other way around. Our Catherine pant was developed after a silk twill polka dot pillow was designed, adored, and re-envisioned as wearable. An Alpaca blanket becomes a structured cape; clearly the line easily extends from home to something wearable.

What’s your role in the brand’s fashion spinoff?
I’m the line’s creative director. I set the vision and work with very talented people who know how to bring this vision and these garments to life.

What’s Lily’s role?
Lily helps set guardrails and views the line as the customer would, by representing what she’s looking for in the line and contributing to the line’s development.

Describe your current favorite piece!
Typically, I try not to have a favorite–they’re all like children to me! But if I must pick, I love the Jane Shirt Dress. It’s the perfect combination of masculine and feminine and can be dressed up with heels or down with flip flops. Lily loves the Alice Party Dress in Poppy.


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