H&M Taps Isabel Marant For Latest Designer Collab

by The Daily Front Row

(NEW YORK) Parisian designer Isabel Marant is the latest talent to take on an H&M collab, which will be comprised of her signature laidback type of chic (presumably including a cheaper version of her now-pervasive wedge sneaker). In a video released by H&M, Marant cites Paris as her inspiration, naturally. “Paris inspires me. There’s the Champs-Élysées where it’s touristy and I love being in Le Marais where it’s quite trendy. There is the richness of a mixture of different villages,” said Marant in a statement. “I’m very representative of a French girl. I think my clothes are speaking better about me than anything.”

In addition to a womenswear line, Marant will also be using this opportunity to do her first line of menswear and a childrenswear line, all of which are set to launch in stores and online on November. The menswear line will be comprised of 20 items of clothing and five accessories, while the childrenswear line will have about 30 items and 10 accessories pieces for both girls and boys ages 10 to 18. Come Fall, all the Isabel Marant-clad kids will be too cool for school, non?



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