Hill House Home’s Nell Diamond On Creating ‘The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Dress’

by Freya Drohan

It’s February 2, but to some today will be known as Nap Dress Drop Day and Nap Dress Drop Day only. Ahead of what’s arguably the most anticipated collection launch to date (tulle! lace! corset waists! pockets!), we checked in with Hill House Home founder Nell Diamond to get the backstory of the Victorian Romance collection, which lands online at 12PM EST in case your cal alert didn’t already go off. From her true thoughts on Feb 14. to how she’s styling her frocks, here’s a glimpse into the charmed life of the ultimate dress lover. 

What do you love most about the Victorian era? Judging by your own style, this drop must be close to your heart!
I’ve always been inspired by the work of the Pre-Raphaelites. I grew up in London, and I’d visit the Tate Britain and the National Gallery and stare in awe at paintings by Millais, Waterhouse and Rosetti.

How long have you been dreaming this one up?
I’ve always wanted to shoot a Hill House collection in the style of the pre-Raphaelites, so it was incredibly fun putting together this campaign. I feel like all of the references live rent-free in my head—like The Lady of Shalott and Ophelia—so putting together the mood board was easy! It was amazing to see the editorial, shot by Emma Craft, come to life.

Tell us about the line and what you’re anticipating to sell out!
I’m so excited to introduce some new silhouettes in this collection. We’ve been working on the Ophelia dress for almost a year, and we call her the “sisterhood of the traveling pants” dress. She fits so many body types and has an adjustable neck so you can control how much cleavage you’re showing. I also love how Ophelia has a corset waist without the corset discomfort —that’s a look I love but I hate being uncomfortable! I’m also super excited about our new shapes Ava, Elizabeth, and Samantha. I think people will be too! Finally, I can’t wait to show everyone our pockets—this has been a customer request for years and we finally were able to add pockets to almost every style!

Why did it feel right to explore lace and the tulle? Is this something customers have also been asking for in your DMs?
We are introducing our Collector’s Edition with this drop with the Ellie Nap Dress® in two new fabrics—Sheer Tulle and Sheer Lace. These are super special, luxe versions of a signature style, released in a very limited quantity. The Ellie Nap Dress® is one of our most popular styles; for many people, it’s a closet staple like a great pair of jeans or a well-fitting tee. Personally, the Ellie is the foundation of my closet. I really wanted to re-imagine her in super-luxurious fabrics. I’ve been dreaming of taking Ellie to the next level of extra, and I think we really made my dream come true!

How are you styling your favorite Ellie from this collection for day and night?
My favorite piece in Victorian Romance is the Collector’s Edition Ellie in Tulle. I know daytime tulle sounds a bit crazy but that’s the kind of extra I am. I’ll be wearing it with tights and combat boots and a cropped jacket for day, and big platform heels and sparkly earrings for night. What’s not to love?

Speaking of romance, how do you incorporate romance into your daily life?
I’m not sure if this counts as romance, but I am generally very needy with my best friends and my family, so I definitely tell them I love them constantly. Sometimes on work calls I accidentally say ‘love you’ at the end of a call so I guess you could call that romance, too?

Where’s the most romantic place in NYC in your eyes?
Walking anywhere in New York is the best. The best date night for me is always early dinner and a play—I can’t wait to get back to going to the theatre!

What song makes you feel all the feels?
Only You by Yazoo.

Do you like or dislike Valentine’s Day?
I love Valentine’s Day! It’s been so fun to watch my five-year-old son, Henry, prepare for Valentine’s Day at school. He’s writing little cards to his classmates and giving them heart-shaped bath bombs. Henry loves all forms of arts and crafts and he LOVES his friends, so he’s been talking about it for weeks. My husband knows that my one request is a heart-shaped box of Russell Stover Chocolates from CVS, milk chocolate only.

What’s coming up next for Hill House Home in the coming months?
We’re always working on something! The best way to keep up with our latest news is by following the @hillhouse Instagram. We’ve been known to share some BTS teases in the past…

We know you love teasing a spoiler! Give us a hint about something big that’s coming in 2022 and beyond….
Let’s just say we’ll be here from the ankle down!

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