The Wait Is Over: Don’t Sleep (!) On Hill House Home’s New Nap Dress Collection

by Freya Drohan

If I’m envious of anyone lately, it’s those I see writing on Hill House Home‘s Instagram posts saying they own ten+ Nap Dresses. TEN! But judging by the highly-anticipated new drop which launches today, I’m about to start catching up.

Like many other Nap Dress obsessees, I’ve been diligently screenshotting and zooming in on anything that founder Nell Diamond has teased for the past couple of weeks. The second I laid my eyes on the romantic, English Garden-themed collection, I knew this offering was the one for me.  Lo-and-behold, the line sheet does not disappoint!

In a nutshell, here’s the suss: the brand is answering customers’ requests by finally creating a black version of its best-selling swiss dot Nap Dress—which will be available in the Athena, Ellie, Sabrina, and Nesli styles. Alas, it’s a limited-edition run (for now), and they’re anticipating them to be quickly snapped up, so don’t delay. After all, we are talking about the brand that sold $1 million dollars worth of dresses in just 30 minutes late last year. Then, there’s the aforementioned English Garden printed pieces, including newness in the form of teddies, mini slips, and even pillowcases to match your frock.

I’ve been busy exchanging messages with friends who also sing from the same HHH hymn sheet—that an impossibly-comfortable Nap Dress is the number one quarantine fashion purchase that you can feel both sensible and indulgent about —as we strategize about how to pick our favorites. I’m 99% sure I’ve landed on the one I want…fight me at the virtual checkout line for the Ellie in the trellis print: I simply dare you! But there’s still some last minute contenders that may sway me when they come out on February 10 at 12pm.

DM me to let me know which one you picked!

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