Here’s How Tani USA Has Used Innovation To Create A Better Undergarment

by Joseph Manghise

Over the past eight years, Tani USA has become a favorite among celebrities, models, and athletes. This modern luxury underwear and basics brand for both men and women prides itself on offering the highest-quality fabrics and design. Here, Adam Dinkes, president of Tani USA, shares with The Daily the three things that drive his company forward as it continues to create sustainably sourced products that are made to last.

Give us some background on how Tani USA came to be.
Tani USA got its start as an online retailer of high-quality luxury undergarments in 2013. Our goal was, and is, to set a new standard in underwear. We use branded fibers created mainly in Europe and the innovative fabrics we use to produce our undergarments are the best in the world. These patented fabrics are not used by any other brand. Customers have come to equate Tani with a level of luxury, comfort, and quality that they can’t find anywhere else.

What makes the brand distinct from others on the market?
Tani is a premium basics brand that uses branded and certified fabrics that offer the highest quality, comfort, and durability on the market. The underwear feels different from anything you’ve tried on before. It’s softer and more luxurious against the skin. Tani’s underwear and basics might be more expensive than what you get from the other brands, but you’re paying for comfort and durability. As they say, you get what you pay for!

Adam Dinkes, president of Tani USA, alongside models (Courtesy)

Since its launch in 2013, how has Tani USA evolved and changed?
Three things drive our business forward—comfort innovation, luxury, and sustainability. In 2014, we launched a soft-stretch waistband, which is much more comfortable than a traditional elastic waistband. It’s designed to not squeeze you around the waist! The following year, another innovation was being the first underwear brand in the U.S. to offer a collection of free-cut basics for men. This technology eliminates the need for a binding on the leg, making it invisible under tight jeans without sacrificing comfort. We’ve also continuously updated our collection with new styles and fabrics.

Anyone who has worn your undergarments and sleepwear knows how luxurious the fabric and feel are. How did you develop this aspect?
We’re the only clothing/underwear brand that uses 94% Micro Modal Air fabric in its products. This fabric is thinner and finer than silk, which causes less friction on sensitive skin than silk. It’s also highly breathable, absorbent, hypoallergenic, allergy-resistant, and antibacterial. Our products are made from fabrics that are ideal for those with ultra-sensitive skin.

What about the cut? Some might say it’s more European.
Yes, the fit is definitely more European than American. Sizing can be small for Americans. On smaller-fitting items, we suggest sizing up.

Your Instagram (@taniunderwear) tends to focus on the men’s line, but tell us what you offer for the ladies.
Our core collection focuses on men, but we don’t forget about women. We make amazing women’s basics. This includes panties, camisoles, leggings, tops, and slips. We use the same fabrics in our women’s collection, and they come in the
same basic colors as the men’s—black, white, navy, and gray.

Is there anything in particular that inspires your designs? Any celebs who embody the Tani vibe?
The combination of our luxury fabrics, minimalist aesthetic, and environmentally-conscious ethos set us apart from other brands in our category. We strive to create high-quality sustainably sourced products that are made to last. I’d say that Paul Rudd is the ideal Tani man. He’s aspirational but doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’s a successful actor, writer, and producer, and also a dedicated husband and father—not to mention Sexiest Man Alive!

You mention sustainability. How does it inform Tani’s practices?
Yes, Tani’s dedication to sustainability has been a lifelong commitment. We believe in responsible consumption and aim to produce with minimal impact on the environment. We work closely with vendors that use sustainably sourced fabrics and raw materials that are manufactured via environmentally responsible, closed-loop processes, which reuse material waste. Even our shipping envelopes are 88% recycled, and our product packaging is a high-density blend of plant-based materials and EPI, an additive that accelerates plastic biodegradability.

Who is your customer and what are some of your best-selling products?
I would say our customers are about 70% men and 30% women. They are ages 18 to 55, with more than 40% being under the age 35. The majority of our customers are in the U.S. and Canada, but last year we had orders from 65 different countries! As for our best sellers, for the men, the silk-cut classic boxer brief and the silk-cut crew shirt are both comfortable and perfect for everyday use. For women, the silk-cut leggings and camisoles are popular for winter. They can be worn under clothing to add a layer of warmth. Other female best sellers include hip-hugger and boy-short panties.

Anything new coming up for the brand? And where is the best place for readers to find the Tani USA line?
We’re always working on new colors and prints, always exploring new fabrics and technologies to make our products more comfortable. You can find us at

You have great reviews. Customers seem to really love the brand!
Yes, we have thousands of five-star reviews! Customers buy one or two pairs and then come back in a few weeks to buy more. Some guys buy 20 pairs at a time and replace all their underwear! Once you try Tani, it’s hard to go back to regular underwear.

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