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Health Kick! With Nicole Miller

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Straight from the pages of The Daily Summer, our resident foodie Nicole Miller filled us in on her more virtuous eating habits. Just don’t expect to catch her on a cleanse!  

Favorite super-healthy food: My sister’s granola, BOLA Granola, which I eat with Ronnybrook Maple Yogurt.
Juice cleanses—discuss! Not my thing.
Going vegetarian: I did once for several months and my face broke out badly. I kept being told that toxins were coming out… Anyway, after three months I gave up and my skin cleared!
I’ll never deprive myself of…Olive oil.
Recoup strategy after a gluttonous weekend: Doing a mini Atkins diet for two to three days. No carbs!
Go-to fast-food nosh: A Chick-fil-A biscuit for breakfast.
Weirdest dieting experience: All diets are bizarre and make you crave things afterward. I went on a 10-day brown rice diet once—that was really boring!
Healthy-ish Hamptons resto: You can always get great fish at Almond in Bridgehampton, like grilled swordfish with wheat berries.
Virtuous dish to cook: My Vietnamese summer rolls are always a great, healthy appetizer. I also love making beet salad in the summer with pistachios and goat cheese

Read the full issue of The Daily Summer here!

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