Have You Spotted #girlsingantrugger Yet?

by The Daily Front Row

It’s no secret that the ladies love Gant Rugger. The brand picked this up when they opened their Bleecker Street shop and girls were buying out all of their small and x-small shirts to get the “boyfriend” look. They created a hashtag #girlsingantrugger encouraging their female fans to use the tag when posting pictures of themselves online wearing Gant. Now they’ve asked blogger and new muse Columbine Smille to collaborate on a photo shoot interpreting her own looks for #girlsingantrugger. They invited her to the Stockholm home of Gant creative director Christopher Bastin and gave her free access to their Fall/Winter collection with photographer Tobias Lundqvist there to capture it all. #how #did #it #turn #out? Check out Smille’s #girlsingantrugger adventure on Twitter and Instagram.

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