Haute Hockey Talk! With Henrik Lundqvist

by The Daily Front Row
We caught up with hottie pro hockey player Henrik Lundqvist at Barneys’ soiree for their newly revamped menswear floor to find out what brands are keeping him in style. Plus, he tells us about his outlook for the impending game season and his second favorite sport, tennis! Clearly a man after Anna’s heart. But sorry, ladies, he’s taken!

What are you wearing?
I’m wearing an Andrea Campagna jacket. It’s the first time I’m wearing his jacket, but I must say, it fit me right away. I usually have to get my jackets tailored.

It must be difficult, huh? You look like a pretty buff hockey player.
Yes, I like it to be fitted. For me, it’s all about fit; it’s not so much about getting the perfect brand.

Are you going to use Barneys’ Made to Measure service on the revamped 6th floor?
Yes! We just came back from Sweden; we’ve been gone for two months. But that’s one thing I’m going to do now: spend more time shopping, and spend more time here at Barneys.

Who are your fave menswear designers?
I have a lot of suits from Sweden, actually. There’s a brand called Tiger of Sweden. It’s the biggest brand in Sweden for suits and shirts; Eaton Shirts is another great Swedish company. When it comes to jackets, Burberry fits me really well. I also like Calvin Klein. I’ve been doing a few events with Calvin Klein. I have a few suits by Hugo Boss and Prada. For me it’s all about the fit. So I don’t always wear a certain brand.

Will we see you at NYFW?
I haven’t looked into the schedule yet. I have a lot a stuff going on next week. We start training camp on the 11th. So, I try to squeeze everything in before training starts.

Sounds busy! 
It will be tight. I have to go and see the U.S. Open. I love tennis, so that’s first on my priority list. But there will be some fashion events as well.

Have you hit up the runway circuit before?
This summer I went to Milan Men’s Fashion Week. I love that. I’ve been two years in a row now. I love Italy. I love meeting the people in that fashion world. Here in New York, fashion week is a bit bigger. 

When does hockey season start?
October 5th. I’m excited. It feels really good to be back. I love playing here. It’s a lot of pressure, but the reward is so big. When you do well, New York is a great city to play for. I hope this is the year for us. I think we have the team to win; it just comes down to the execution. 

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