Hamptons Shop Talk: Maison 24

by Dena Silver

While the initial draw of the Hamptons might be picturesque beaches and pristine summer homes, the East End has undoubtedly become a go-to shopping destination. With world-class boutiques situated next to mom-and-pop retailers, you could easily spend an entire weekend perusing Main Street in East Hampton or Jobs Lane in Southampton and beyond. So, The Daily Summer went to town chatting with the chicest boutiques’ gatekeepers, aka the sales girls and boys, to see what’s happening on the shopping front. Can you blame us for snagging a few summer must-haves in the process? On Bridgehampton’s main drag, we simply had to pop into Maison 24. Stocked with dark and brooding pieces, we chatted with senior sales associate Cathryn Hulse on the store’s edgy vibe and shock value.

What are people’s reactions when they walk in here?
There’s definitely a bit of shock value when people walk in, especially because our front window is very colorful and when you come in, it’s very dark. But Maison 24 is unique, especially out here in the Hamptons, because other stores out here tend have very classic product. We’re different.

What’s your favorite part of the shop?
I like the way it smells in here. We have two of our own candles, which the owners, Allison Julius and Louis Marra, have created.

Do Allison and Julius spend a lot of time in their Hamptons shop?
We have two locations now, including our shop on Park Avenue. They’re usually in the city, but they do come out here, especially in the summertime to bring new product out here or show new pieces of art.

What’s the best-selling item?
Usually our candles or our Alexandra von Furstenburg stuff. People love her trays.

What’s your favorite thing in the store?
Currently I’d have to say it’s the Magda Archer artwork in the front with the sheep that says, “My life is crap.” I think it’s really funny. We just started working with this gallery, Jealous Gallery, they have the pieces of art that say “Please Go Away,” and “You’ll Do.”

How has the décor of your home changed since you started working here?
It’s definitely changed a bit. I was always kind of into antiques. Now I have more modern pieces with mod twists in it, like Lucite.

Where can you be found on your day off?
I like to eat at Almond right up the street, or I go to Fresh Hamptons. Usually if I’m just walking around, I’ll go to Sag Harbor, but I’m really more of a North Fork girl. That’s where I grew up.

What’s the biggest difference you notice about the North Fork and the South Fork?
The people. It’s definitely more farmers with a laid-back vibe up on the North Fork. Down here it’s a bit more hectic and hustle-bustle. Plus, people are a little bit trendier here.

Where do you hang out in the North Fork?
I like going to Blue Canoe Oyster Bar And Grill in Greenport, and Claudio’s Clam Bar, obviously. There’s Billy’s By The Bay, which has really good food and is really low key. In Southold there’s a really nice yoga studio called The Giving Room, which also has a little organic shop on the side with juice and other things. It’s a really good spot to go to if you’re ever out there.

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