Hamptons Shop Talk: Haute Hippie

by Dena Silver
Haute Hippie

While the initial draw of the Hamptons might be picturesque beaches and pristine summer homes, the East End has undoubtedly become a go-to shopping destination. With world-class boutiques situated next to Mom-and-Pop retailers, you could easily spend an entire weekend perusing Main Street in East Hampton or Jobs Lane in Southampton and beyond. So The Daily Summer went to town chatting with the chicest boutique’s gatekeepers, aka the sales girls and boys, to see what’s happening on the shopping front. Can you blame us for snagging a few summer must-haves in the process? This time around, Haute Hippie, at 20 Newtown Lane in East Hampton caught our eye. We grabbed a chat with Melissa Heslip, retail director, and Devon Shilan, sales associate and stylist, to get the dish on the all things Haute Hippie.

How did you get this gig at Haute Hippie?
Devon Shilan
: I grew up coming out here for the summer, and a few years ago I walked by this space and saw that Haute Hippie was opening up a store. I walked in, and realized that this is my dream job. I’ve been working here every summer since.

Who are your favorite visitors to the store?
Devon: The brand’s founder, Trish Wescoat Pound, and her husband, Jesse Cole, are in here all the time. She’ll come out here and help merchandise with us. I love that they’re so involved with each one of their stores and they help form what each store’s identity is.

What’s your favorite piece of decor in the shop?
Melissa Heslip: I love the bull horns hanging on the wall. Each of our stores have a pair, and they’re all decorated differently with crystals. You can actually buy them, but they’re all made to order.

What kind of shoes get you through a busy day at work?
Melissa: I’m always in heels because I don’t believe in flats!
Devon: I’m more of a flats girl.
Melissa: She’s tall and I’m short, so it works out!

What’s the difference between this boutique and the stores you have in the city?
Melissa: For this specific location, we do get a lot of our New York clients that are coming to East Hampton. But here they’re looking for more casual or beachy items, while in the city they want dressier pieces. In all the stores, there are client events and clientele meetings, which are really key to being consistent with all of the locations.
Devon: A lot of people come in and say, ‘Help! I have a beach wedding. I just realized it’s tomorrow night and I need a dress.’ So we’ll help them find a flowy dress that they can wear both out here and in the city.

Where do you head for a nosh while working at the store?
Devon: I can’t eat it anymore, but Scoop du Jour has the best donuts hands-down and the best ice cream. I’ve been going there since I was two years old!

And when you’re off the clock?
Devon: I love the East Hampton Grill for dinner, and Stephen Talkhouse for the over-21 crowd is great.

What are your Hamptons secrets?
Devon: I don’t know if I want to give them away! But Three Mile Harbor is really pretty and not a lot of people know about it, even though there are a lot of good restaurants down there.

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