The Hamptons Best Dressed List: Linda Fargo

by Dena Silver

What does it take to emerge as one of our favorite Hamptons style-istas? Passion, whimsy, individuality, and the capacity to inspire with just one look. Stay tuned all week long to see who made the cut! You’ll know Linda Fargo as Bergdorf Goodman’s leading lady, otherwise known as their SVP of fashion office and store presentation, with the closet to match. Now, try and steal her look, if you can!

What’s your most prized fashion possession?
An old Mendel leopard jacket with an incredible paisley lining and my versatile, clean Céline black bustier sheath dress that Michael Kors designed about 12 years ago.

Whose style do you admire most?
Short list is Giovanna Battaglia, Iris Apfel, Ranjana Khan, and Shala Monroque.

What’s the oldest item in your closet?
Probably my Alaïa broad-shouldered, leather crop jacket from the early ’80s.

What’s one thing we will never see you wearing?
Neither sprayed-on jeans, midriff-baring crop tops, or shorts that are basically blue underwear.

Do you believe in “uniforms”?
Love a uniform! I’m always envious of Tonne Goodman’s. Saves so much time and money and lets you focus on more important work. With that said, I would get bored with myself, and if I think I look boring, than I feel boring.

Your closet could be described as…
A rolling rack parking lot? Chaotic order? Undisciplined?

What’s the most embarrassing item in your closet?
A Siegfried and Roy T-shirt and shearling-lined Ugg slippers.

Great style is…

Linda’s Musts
Jeans: Rarely! Though J. Brand if I must.
Underpinnings: Lacy
Luggage: T. Anthony
Socks: Duane Reade or Wolford
Workout garb: You must mean “wear to work”?
Jewelry: Kentshire, Grazia Vozza, John Brevard, Paige Novick, Ashley Pittman, Vaubel, Hervé Van der Straeten, and vintage.
Watch: Frank Mueller, Hermès, and vintage.

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