Hailey Bieber Reveals Beauty Brand Rhode Is Launching In June—And Who She Called For Advice

by Freya Drohan

Glazed donut skin enthusiasts, unite! Hailey Bieber confirmed that her hotly-anticipated skincare brand, Rhode, is coming early this summer. The supermodel shared the news—and an exclusive look at the process of starting her own venture, where all products will be under $30—with Allure, as she appears on the beauty bible’s May cover.

Speaking to writer Darian Symoné Harvin, the supermodel explained that after speaking to an array of people, she decided to build a team and go the start up route (instead of partnering with an already-established brand). “I think the biggest thing for me is I do understand that there are certain things that I don’t know how to do and I try to be really open about that,” she said.

Within the industry, she looked to skincare influencer Hyram Yarbro (whose namesake brand was created with Inkey List), straight talking aesthetician and beauty commentator Charlotte Palermino of Dieux Skin, the ultimate modern day mogul Kim Kardashian, and celebrity-adored hairstylist Jen Atkin of Ouai. From each conversation, she pooled advice which she ultimately parlayed into Rhode—as well as significant research of her own for 2.5 years, including taking dermatology courses. Her findings: give the people hydration!


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She explained: “I was ordering crazy amounts of skin care, trying everything that was expensive to inexpensive to mid-range. And I found that the most tried-and-true stuff were the solidly formulated products that were affordable, where I could tell people kept on going back to, and that’s what I kept going back to as well.” The launch of Rhode will see an emphasis on maintaining the skin’s moisture barrier—so put down that chemical exfoliant, you’ve been warned.

The 25-year-old proudly added that she’s received great feedback from makeup artists and friends. After all, she’s keenly aware about the cliché of launching “another” celebrity-founded beauty brand. She said: “I think that as a team, we are going into it knowing that people are tired of seeing brand after brand after brand from different people and faces and celebrities. I definitely have had my fears, for sure, because the market is so busy and so saturated. And I’ve had to, obviously, have the confidence in myself and in our brand to really feel it’s going to be something refreshing and different.”

“I’m really happy with everything,” she added, of the launch campaign which highlights healthy, real, and natural skin. “I feel proud of the products that are going to come out. I feel excited for what is going to come even after that and what I can continue to develop. I’m hoping that people get their hands on it and they absolutely love it. But if they have feedback, I want to accept that as well.”

Form an orderly line, folks.

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