Gwyneth Paltrow Tells Ciara She Has A “Really Dirty Sense Of Humor” As They Talk Motherhood

by Julia Oakes

In honor of the ever-approaching Mother’s Day (yes, this is another reminder to get your mom a gift!) Gwyneth Paltrow and Ciara sat down to chat all things motherhood. The conversation, which marked the fourth episode of Coach’s YouTube series, Coach Conversations, not only buttered us up in time for the celebration, but proved yet again that the Goop CEO and Grammy-winning singer-songwriter are definitely the ‘cool mom’ type. 

The episode kicked off with the multi-hyphenate mamas reflecting on the things they’ve learned from their own mothers, and how they’ve translated those lessons into their relationships with their children. For Paltrow, those lessons learned from actress mom Blythe Danner were about powerful femininity, the importance of loving what you do, and how to balance a career with a family. For Ciara, her mom taught her “how to make a lot with a little,” how to be independent, and, most obviously to the rest of us, how to dance. 


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Paltrow went on to express that the love she’s felt as a mother toward her children is the most intense love she’s ever known—even when her kids find “everything” about her annoying, from the way she talks to the way she cooks. “I think as mothers, we have to really be careful not to judge other mothers in their process and in their decisions, and we have to be supportive of each other,” Paltrow added. “It’s so important to understand that all moms are doing their best.”

The duo also talked about being not only modern women, but modern mothers, which means making time for themselves—and their famous other halves! “I won’t feel like my best self if I’m not doing all the things that I love, all the things that fulfill me,” Ciara added. “I love being a mom. I love being an entertainer. I love being an entrepreneur. I love being a wife… If I’m not doing those things, then I will feel like something’s missing.” Mom-entertainer-entrepreneur triple threat Ciara, who gave birth to her third child during the pandemic, said she and NFL quarterback husband Russell Wilson (who conveniently made a cameo!) always make time for a date night. 

To conclude things on a light-hearted note, a game of “fill in the blank” was had, revealing Ciara’s dream action film gig and Paltrow’s “really dirty sense of humor” (her words not ours!), as well as a sendoff by Ciara to all moms—expecting, new, and experienced alike—to “keep on rocking and rolling!” 


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