Defying Logic and Reason, Gus Kenworthy Wasn’t Getting Hit On At Last Night’s Nordstrom Men’s Store Opening

by Taylor Harris

With his baby blue eyes, bro-y chiseled features, and boyish smile, it’s no wonder Gus Kenworthy is a gay icon. He’s a total babe. A babe who pushed the conversation about the visibility of gay relationships forward on one of the most globally visible stages — the Olympics. So suffice it to say: he’s well-liked in the gay community.

So when we noticed he wasn’t being particularly chatted up at the opening of the Nordstrom Men’s store in Midtown last night, we decided to investigate. Here we talk with Kenworthy about everything from getting hit on to Auntie Ann’s mall pretzels. 

Okay semi-obvious question first: are you getting hit on left and right? There’s an inordinately high density of men at this event.
No, I actually haven’t been hit on yet. God, now I feel insecure. [Laughs] Why isn’t anyone hitting on me?

So what do you think of the store?
I seriously love it. I love Nordstrom’s. I end up going literally every time I’m home in Denver to the one there. I’m a total mall whore. I love going to the mall and walking around. There’s something nostalgic about it. And the main thing at the mall in Denver is the Nordstrom’s. So I’m always there.

What’s the name of the mall in Denver?
The Cherry Creek Mall.

How quaint.
Totally. I love it. I literally cannot walk by a Auntie Anne’s without getting one. The smell gets me every time. I can smell it from like a mile away and like gravitate over to it like a cartoon. When I’m feeling boojue, I’ll go to the Nordstrom’s E-Bar, it’s like their coffee bar, and I’ll get this drink. It’s called the Orange Twist. It’s a cold brew with an orange syrup and a little bit of orange peel zest in it. It is so good. So yeah, I love my mall moments. And like granted New York has every store but there’s nothing on this scale for men. There’s just not a place for men to go shopping to get everything you need.

Gus Kenworthy at the new Nordstrom Men’s store (BFA)

Do you have a shopping style? Are you a browser? Or a get-in-and-get-out type?
I’m a social shopper. I like shopping with people but you need to be on my level. I hate going with friends who aren’t actually buying anything, like we’re not here browsing. This is serious. [Laughs]

Speaking of serious, your ensemble is seriously everything.
Thank you, thank you. Well they outfitted me this morning. And I mean, how gorge? I got this Moncler jacket, these Gucci shoes, these Acne jeans, and this Comme des Garcons sweatshirt. I feel very boujee.

Do you get to keep it?
Yes — I know! Can you believe it? I was having a hard time choosing the shoes. I was in between another pair of Gucci sneakers, these high-tops. I might just buy them.

I think they’re literally right over there on that shelf.
Oh, great. Done.

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