Graydon On Gaga!

by The Daily Front Row

Graydon and Gaga: More in common than you might think! (Just kidding.) The Vanity Fair ed discussed his love of jazz and Conde’s upcoming shuffle south…

Do you have a moment to speak to The Daily?
I love The Daily!

Our latest media issue has Gaga on the cover and you were on our last cover in February. Do you and Gaga have anything in common?
The letter G, and we dress similarly. I have great admiration for her. I assume she’s a great singer. I’ve never actually listened to her.

What do you actually listen to?
I mostly listen to jazz recorded before 1970.

Are you excited about moving offices downtown?
Absolutely! I’ll be able to walk to work. It’s going to be a whole new center of New York down there. It’s very exciting.


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