GQ Names 13 Most Stylish Men

by Eddie Roche

Ryan Reynolds (Photography: Patrick McMullan)

GQ names the 13 “Most Stylish Men In The World: The Next Generation” in its latest issue, and each of the guys gets a little nickname to go along with the honor. Making the cut this year are Lucky Blue Smith: The Genetic Sweepstakes Winner, Eddie Redmayne: The Natural, Drake: The Coziest Baller, Diplo: The Globe-Trotter, Odell Beckham Jr.: The Body Artist, Future: The Lord of the Brim, Harry Styles: The Prince of Prints, Aziz Ansari: The Minimalist, Ryan Reynolds: The Double Taker, Russell Westbrook: The Sartorial Daredevil, Justin Trudeau: The Prime Minister of Suave, Tom Hardy: The Misleading Manm, and perhaps our favorite, Idris Elba: The 007 of Style.

Inside, Ansari offers some practical advice for the guys: “If you have a massive closet, you’re kinda lying to yourself. If you have a bunch of dress shirts, you know the one that’s really soft and fits you really well. So I think the goal is to build a closet where it’s just that. I try to do the thing in the book that Japanese lady wrote about paring your closet down: If you look at something and you don’t love it, get rid of it.” The Minimalist has spoken.                                                                                                                                                                                          

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