Goop Launches Edition 02, A Goopy Fragrance with Mystical, Physical, and Emotional Powers

by Kristen Heinzinger

After its sell-out fragrance debut, Edition 01, Goop is back with an even Goopier offering: Edition 02, Shiso, a spring perfume “of cool air, pale sun, and new life unfurling on the forest floor.” It’s being touted as a fragrance with all-natural elements imbued with the power to entrance, heal, and transform, like shiso leaf extract, which gives it a strong spicy, pepper-like scent.

“Working with natural fragrance is an incredible experience—not only because you get to make something beautiful, that’s free of the harmful chemicals you find in conventional perfume, but also because the ingredients are ‘real,’ and harness the homeopathic and mystical properties that these plants and herbs carry in the natural world,” said Gwyneth Paltrow in a press statement. “…It smells amazing, but also channels other powers, like joy, healing, and clairvoyance.”

GP worked alongside perfumer Douglas Little, an expert in natural fragrances, and together they selected ingredients that are popular in Ayurvedic practices. For example, the shiso leaf is said to generate “bioelectrical energy,” manifest “sexual attraction and relationships,” and “alleviate colds/chill,” while oakmoss is supposed to support creative expression and Palo Santo “Clears negative energy, anger, fear, anxiety and emotional pains.” It’s available for $165 at, or swing by its pop-up, Shiso Psychic (by goop) at 252 Mott Street, which opens its doors to the public on Saturday, 4/29. 

Disclaimer: Must drink the Goop-aide before applying.

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